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Song For Ireland
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movehalfaninch [userpic]

So I found out a little more about that band from Pride and Glory that reminded me of The Pogues. They're called The Prodigals, and their myspace is here. The songs in the movie are called "The Opening Reel" and "Bunch of Red Roses," and I found a place to download them both: "The Opening Reel" is here and "Bunch of Red Roses" is right here.

movehalfaninch [userpic]

I was wondering if anyone knew who that irish band was from Pride & Glory? They reminded me a bit of the Pogues and I wanted to check them out. Thank you!

ИРНЕ [userpic]

cill_dara [userpic]

Just for who wants to listen to some good, nice and enjoyable songs...a short list of my favourite, the singer doesn't really matter.

- Loughall Martyrs
- Broad Black Brimmer
- Cry of the Celtic (Lord of the Dance)
- Under the Scotsman's Kilt (so funny...)
- Some Say The Devil Is Dead
- A Soldier's Song (this is the republican national anthem)
- London's Derry
- Fields of Athenry
- Go On Home British Soldiers
- Black and Tans

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cill_dara [userpic]

Fine selection of Guinness ads...I love them, I also got used to the beer...which, honestly, the first times is a bit hard to swallow.

 I love this one.

 A classic.

Don't you think it may be a bit...provocative?

cill_dara [userpic]

A photo from the Giants' Causeway, Northern Ireland. 


While I was on the higher path of the place, alone because my family was somewhere else, I met come guys who were drinking and singing and one of them approached and started talking to me. He wasn't Irish but he anyway was how I imagine the Irish type is...friendly, nice and open with other people...great...
But then I went to the touristic shop to buy some postcards and when I was going to pay them, well, I realized I couldn't use euros...grrr...when will Great Britain do as the rest of Europe does? In the Republic they use euros...they're smart!

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Yuppu [userpic]

Thanks to Fiore for letting me know about this community.
I've been to Ireland last summer for 2 weeks.
4 days in Dublin and then aaaall around. From south to north.
I soooo love Ireland *_*

I think I'll post some photos as soon as i get them from the other pc.

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cill_dara [userpic]

There are no strangers here, only friends who have never met.

That's what I read on the Brazen Head site ( www.brazenhead.com/ ), where you can discover the history of this pub in Dublin.
The name Brazen Head is used for a lot of pubs all over the world (like Omaha, Nebraska) which preserve Irish culture: Irish music, Irish food, Irish setting, Irish spirit too, I hope...

Brazen Head Pub, oldest in Dublin (1198)

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cill_dara [userpic]

When I said I would write about everything that is Irish, I really meant it!
Ok, yesterday I discovered that this beautiful red-haired cat (but how could I not realize that before?) in the original version of the Disney film The Aristocats is Irish...it could be normal and obvious for a lot of people, but in the version I've always seen, he was an Italian cat from Rome.
This difference is probably due to the fact that in the southern countries we don't have the model of the 'fascinating Irishman' but they anyway needed a very charming cat...
And so, Thomas O'Malley became Romeo.
But, sorry, from now on he'll be "Abraham De Lacy, Giuseppe Casey, Thomas O'Malley, the alley cat!"
Bye, folks!

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cill_dara [userpic]


This old man is an old Irishman. His name is Paddy, and I think he's a happy person.
Quite normal -that's what I think-  considering he lives on Inishmore, the biggest of the Aran Islands...and if you spend most of your time on an isle, which is part of another isle, and this little isle (though it's called "big isle") is a jewel on the ear of the bigger isle, well, you probably are a happy man. But maybe I'm wrong, and Paddy's not happy. But...I'm inclined to say that having your own place on the path up to  Dún Aengus, where you sing songs and see lots of pleased faces (we're in Ireland, remember?), can easily be a way to be, well, at least optimist.
So, this is Paddy.
We met last summer, at the base of the path to Dún Aengus: he was singing and playing his accordion, while I was walking to reach the top of the hill. When I walked in front of him and greeted him, he told me to stop and we talked a bit...maybe a lot, considering we didn't know each other; he asked me to sing (unfortunately I didn't know any Irish song yet) and we talked about Ireland and the weather (never I will find such a sunny week again). That's when I discovered the pleasure of the Irish accent: he said "you're lucky" and I fell in love with him...I think that if you listen to an old Irishman who lives on an island, you can have quite an idea of what the real Irish accent is.
Anyway, this is Paddy's story and what he taught me.
If you go there and see him, remember to talk to him and maybe please him with a song. I'm sure this would make him happy.

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